Modern Samurai Project

About Me

Lifelong martial artist (TKD, Muay Thai, BJJ), no LEO or military experience (save being an Air Force brat) I have received hundreds of hours of training from people I consider to be the best in the industry ranging from tactical/self-defense to competition.

I am a Master class shooter in USPSA. I am the 16th recipient of the F.A.S.T Drill (#15) coin. I am a three stripe Purple Belt under Tony Passos. 

In addition, I am also a contributor on and a moderator on the P&S’s Facebook groups. My classes and thoughts have been shared in publications like Recoil Magazine and the NRA's Shooting Illustrated. I have been interviewed on well-known shows like Ballistic Radio, Firearms Nation, Concealed Carry Podcast and Street Warrior Radio.

I have been afforded the honor of instructing members of Pentagon ERT, US Marshall's Service, NYPD Instructor Cadre, Chicago SWAT,  Ohio Tactical Officers Association, Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, George Mason University Police, Santa Ana CA PD, the FBI National Tactical Training Unit, US Border Patrol's FMU and many more.

While I can teach many aspects of the successful implementation of a pistol, my main focus is the instruction of the red dot equipped pistol. 

I hope to offer my services to help you get started on your journey to understanding how to defend yourself and your loved ones.

           Be Good. Stay Safe. Get Training.