Modern Samurai Project

Hosting an MSP class is simple! 

I need at least 10 target stands with backers, and a  range that can fit those stands that is preferably 25 yards long. 10 students minimum (14 max), and a couple of A/C size pieces of steel (not critical though). I handle the payments and marketing. The host gets a free spot in the class.

Classes that are available to host are:

1 Day Red Dot Pistol - 9 hours

1 Day AIWB - 9 hours

2 Day Red Dot Pistol - 16 hours

1 Day AIWB + 1 Day Red Dot Pistol - 16 hours 

3 day AIWB (1 day) + Red Dot Pistol (2 day)  - 24 hours

Email to get the process started.