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Appendix inside waistband - AIWB

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Prerequisites: This is not an introductory level class. Students must have a solid pistol skill base to attend.

Join us for a very full day of training designed to enhance your proficiency in appendix carry and red dot pistol shooting. Led by an expert instructor, this course dispels misconceptions while maximizing the potential of these modern firearm practices.


Throughout the day, you will explore the efficiency and ergonomic advantages of Appendix Inside-the-Waistband (AIWB) carry, including holster concerns, customization, and clothing considerations. Gain comprehensive knowledge of the draw sequence, engage in purposeful drills, and receive guidance to boost performance and facilitate self-diagnosis.


Emphasizing the increasingly popular use of red dot optics on pistols, you will master zeroing your sight, develop a swift and consistent draw technique, and understand the importance of backup irons. Enhance your skills in close-quarters engagements and long-range shooting, adopting efficient movement techniques and practicing micro drills. 


Conclude the training by focusing on achieving the challenging Black Belt Patch standards. Engage in drills that test speed and accuracy, fine-tune marksmanship at varying distances, and gain a detailed understanding of the requirements for earning the prestigious Black Belt Patch.


Bring your reliable modern pistol equipped with a red dot sight, a Kydex AIWB holster with appropriate ride height, 1200+ rounds of reliable ammunition, concealable magazine pouch(es), five magazines, an open mind, and a genuine willingness to learn and improve.


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