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Courses Offered

Red Dot Pistol - Fundamentals and Performance - 2 Day

Red Dots on pistols are becoming more popular as options for carry weapons. Part of mastery is training - here it is! 


AIWB - 1 Day

Although it has been around for a long time, Appendix Carry has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last 5 or so years. While many people realize that it is an ergonomically more efficient form of concealed carry, many misconceptions still exist limiting its true potential.

The MSP Path to Performance - 3 Day

This class combines both the AIWB and Red Dot Pistol Fundamentals for three days of instruction covering core aspects of appendix carry, red dot pistol fundamentals and performance.

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One-on-One Private Instruction from MSP Staff Instructors

MSP currently only offers private 1 on 1 instruction from our list of MSP Staff Instructors. Whether you are looking for an introduction to firearms, fundamentals, RDS on pistols, or competition, we can help you get on the right path.

*Refunds will only be made if a class is cancelled by us. If a student cannot attend the class they signed up for, they will be given a full credit to another class of comparable value.  No-shows without prior notice will not be given any such credit.
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