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Hunter Freeland - Staff Instructor


Hunter Freeland is an accomplished professional with a remarkable background in the military, law enforcement and civilian shooting world. Starting his shooting career in 2009 as a 19D in the Louisiana Army NG, he earned the Governor’s Twenty Tab and other EIC honors while being a member of the Louisiana Combat Shooting Team.


After his military service, Hunter worked for Triple Canopy as a security contractor in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Later, he joined the Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Office, where he contributed significantly to narcotics, investigative, and SRT duties.

Hunter's dedication to continuous improvement is evident through his extensive training with industry-leading instructors like Bill Blowers, Jared Reston, Scott Jedlinski, Aaron Cowan, among others. He has completed over 800+ hours of end-user training and holds instructor ratings in various categories, including LE Handgun, NRA Pistol, INIWIC, and JPX.


Actively participating in competitive shooting events such as USPSA, Steel Challenge, and Multi Gun, Hunter remains committed to staying at the forefront of the latest training techniques.


His passion lies in providing the most up-to-date training, enabling individual shooters to achieve clean and efficient growth in understanding and technique. Beyond building better shooters, Hunter aims to shape better individuals and stewards of the 2nd Amendment.


He has also earned 3 Modern Samurai Project Black Belt Patches and was one of the first shooters to complete the My Own Defender MOD standards. Instagram @hunterfreeland

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