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AJ Zito - Lead Staff Instructor


A.J. Zito is the esteemed founder, gunsmith, and lead instructor at Practical Performance, an organization dedicated to excellence in firearms training. Following his service in the U.S. Army, A.J. ventured into the private security sector as an executive protection specialist and instructor, honing his skills and expertise.


Driven by a fervent dedication to "Performance Shooting," A.J. skillfully blends concepts from both combative and competitive shooting disciplines. His exceptional prowess is evident in his "Master" classification in USPSA Single Stack Division and multiple divisions of IDPA, exemplifying his remarkable marksmanship abilities.

In 2017, A.J. completed an intensive three-year full-time program in general to advanced gunsmithing, custom competition, carry, and guild-quality firearms, culminating in the receipt of an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences in Gunsmithing. Throughout his journey, he passionately shared his knowledge as a college instructor for gunsmithing until 2022, positively impacting aspiring gunsmiths.


With an extensive background in firearms mechanics, instruction, combative and competitive concepts, and the tactical application of firearms, A.J. brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His passion for sharing knowledge and empowering others is reflected in his commitment to the art of teaching.


You can follow A.J. Zito's endeavors on Instagram at @practical_performance_org, where he continues to inspire and educate firearms enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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