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Jim Dexter - Staff Instructor


 Jim Dexter  is currently a police sergeant with 17 years policing experience who also spent 10 years in the volunteer fire service.  He is currently assigned as a patrol Sergeant and SWAT Commander of a multi-jurisdictional team. 


Jim has extensive end user experience and training in Red Dot Sight (RDS) equipped pistols and has assisted multiple police departments nationwide in the approval and implementation of RDS pistols. He has published RDS implementation articles and is cited in firearm manufacturer RDS programs.  Jim is an Active Threat Master Instructor with the Illinois Tactical Officers Association. Tactically Sound Training Center is the only entity with red dot pistol training approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.  Jim is a member of the Walther Arms Defense Division and former member of Tactical Team Staccato.

As an FBI certified Firearms Instructor and American Safety and Health Institute Emergency Medical Responder Instructor Jim combines the experiences in his background to deliver a curriculum tailored to your environment.  Jim is a State of Illinois Basic SWAT, FBI Pistol Instructor and Red Dot Pistol Instructor, an Illinois Tactical Officers Association Tourniquet and Bandage Instructor, Rescue Task Force Instructor, and Self-aid/buddy-aid Instructor as well as a graduate of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care- Medical Provider course. 


Having served with the US Army in Iraq Jim brings both tactical and medical experience to law enforcement and citizens alike as a Stop The Bleed Instructor and Tactical Emergency Combat Care Instructor.  His prior employment with the Federal Air Marshal Service has placed him in locations around the world where preparation and possession of a "sound" skill-set was crucial. As a former Director of Emergency Management Jim retains skills in emergency planning, exercise planning and facility planning.  Instagram @tacticallysound

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