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Red Dot Pistol Fundamentals and Performance Instructor Class 2-Day

Introducing an advanced-level training course tailored for individuals who possess a solid foundation in pistol skills and seek to enhance their expertise in using a RDS-equipped pistol.


Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on instructing students in the methodology of becoming skilled coaches themselves, proficient in teaching the fundamental principles of utilizing a red dot sight (RDS) on a pistol. 


Throughout this training program, we will delve into a wide array of crucial subjects. These include techniques for zeroing your red dot sight, mastering draw techniques, leveraging vital information for achieving pinpoint accuracy, and optimizing red dot usage across varying distances. You will acquire the art of swift and efficient draw and presentation, explore innovative dot tracking methods, and uncover diverse modes of practice to enhance your own skills and mentor others effectively. Additionally, you will learn to diagnose and rectify accuracy issues experienced by yourself and others..


The course also encompasses advanced topics such as target transitions and shooting on the move. As an integral part of the class, you will have the opportunity to put your newfound skills to the test and potentially earn the Black Belt Patch..


To participate in this course, it is imperative that you possess the necessary equipment. This includes a slide mounted red dot pistol, the capacity to carry three magazines, a high-quality holster (excluding Serpas and old leather holsters), 700 rounds of reliable ammunition, eye and ear protection, a Sharpie marker, and, most importantly, an open mind ready to absorb the wealth of knowledge provided.

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