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AIWB + RDS Pistol Path to Performance 3-Day

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Prerequisites: This is not an introductory level class. Students must have a solid pistol skill base to attend.

Join us for an intensive three-day training program designed to enhance your proficiency in appendix carry and red dot pistol shooting. Led by an expert instructor who has extensively studied and refined these techniques, this course aims to dispel misconceptions while maximizing the potential of these modern firearm practices.


Day 1: We delve into the efficiency and ergonomic advantages of Appendix Inside-the-Waistband (AIWB) carry over other concealed carry methods. Explore the intricacies of holster concerns and customization, along with considerations for clothing selection. Gain comprehensive knowledge of the draw sequence, from garment clearing to achieving a firing grip and executing a smooth presentation. Engage in purposeful drills aimed at boosting performance and facilitating self-diagnosis.


Day 2: The second day focuses on the increasingly popular use of red dot optics on pistols for carry purposes. Learn the essentials of zeroing your red dot sight, ensuring accurate shots at various distances. Master the draw technique and develop the ability to acquire the dot swiftly and consistently. Understand the importance of backup irons and gain proficiency in close-quarters engagements as well as long-range shooting. Harness speed as the epitome of efficient movement, adopting the Langdon presentation method and practicing micro drills for improved speed and accuracy. Discover effective modes of practice and leverage dry fire and live fire exercises for skill development. Embrace the benefits of competition as a means to enhance your performance and put your skills to the test in a mini match.


Day 3: On the final day, we focus on achieving the challenging Black Belt Patch standards. Engage in drills designed to test your speed and accuracy, such as the 3 x 2 drill and the Bill Drill, both emphasizing rapid target engagement. Fine-tune your marksmanship at varying distances and aim for consistent, time-constrained shots. Gain a detailed understanding of the standards and requirements for earning the prestigious Black Belt Patch.


Equipment Required: To fully participate in the course, please ensure you bring the following equipment:

- A reliable modern pistol, preferably equipped with a red dot sight for Day 2

- Kydex AIWB holster with an appropriate ride height for easy and secure access, preferably featuring a claw or wing attachment

- 1000+ rounds of reliable ammunition

- Concealable magazine pouch(es)

- Five magazines

- An open mind and willingness to learn and improve

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