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The MSP Path To Performance - 3 Day

DAY 1:

Although it has been around for a long time, Appendix Carry has seen a resurgence in popularity in the last 5 or so years. While many people realize that it is an ergonomically more efficient form of concealed carry, many misconceptions still exist limiting its true potential.

After years of study with many great teachers culminating in the #15 FAST coin, I believe I have developed a system to accelerate the performance of nearly anyone who has chosen this method of carry.   

Topics covered: 

  • Why AIWB is more efficient than other forms of carry

  • Holster Concerns

  • Holster customization

  • Clothing considerations

  • Learning the draw from beginning to end (garment clear, firing grip, marrying the hands, presentation)

  • Drills designed to increase performance or understanding for self-diagnosis.

Day 2:

Red Dots on pistols are becoming more popular as options for carry weapons. Part of mastery is training - here it is! 

Topics Covered

  • Zeroing your red dot. 10 yard zero. 25 yard confirmation. Ammo selection.

  • Draw and how to stop fishing for the dot. Why back up irons are necessary? 

  • Only use the necessary amount of information required to make an acceptably accurate shot at the speed and distance required. 

  • Red dots up close. 5 yards and in. 

  • Red dots at distance

  • Speed: Efficiency of draw and presentation. Concealed and Open setups. Speed is the economy of motion. The Langdon presentation method. Speed is not useless frenetic movement. Micro Drill training method.

  • Dot tracking: Grip, stance, dot movement, predictability. Stop over confirming the dot!

  • Modes of Practice: Speed mode. Accuracy Mode. Match/For Realz Mode.

  • How to get better on your own. Dry fire for skill building. Live fire for confirmation.

  • Why you should compete.

  • Mini match to test skills. 

Day 3:
The final day will focus on learning how to practice/train for and possibly reaching my Black Belt Patch standards:


  • Reliable modern pistol (red dot equipped for Day 2)

  • Kydex AIWB holster with a ride height that allows you to get a full grip without difficulty. Something with a claw/wing is preferable.

  • 1200+ rounds of reliable ammo

  • Concealable mag pouch(es)

  • 5 mags

  • Open Mind

The MSP Path to Performance - 3 Day

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