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Red Dot Pistol Fundamentals and Performance


Prerequisites: This is not an introductory level class. Students must have a solid pistol skill base to attend.

Join us for a captivating training experience that focuses on mastering red dot pistols, the increasingly popular choice for carry weapons. This class is designed to provide individuals with the essential skills to excel in this advanced technology.


Throughout the training, we will cover a wide range of important subjects, including zeroing your red dot, draw techniques, utilizing the necessary information for accurate shots, and optimizing red dot usage at different distances. You will learn the art of speed and efficiency in draw and presentation, explore dot tracking methods, and discover different modes of practice to enhance your skills.


We will also delve into target transitions and shooting on the move.. As part of the class, you will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test and potentially earn the esteemed Black Belt Patch.

To ensure a productive learning environment, please come prepared with the necessary equipment, including a slide mounted red dot pistol, the ability to carry three magazines, a good-quality holster (excluding Serpas and old leather holsters), 1000 rounds of reliable ammunition, eye and ear protection, a Sharpie marker, and, most importantly, an open mind ready to absorb valuable knowledge.

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